December 14, 2016

Secret Sauce Blog

A Dash of Our Secret Sauce. Anything to get you started on revenue growth ASAP.

The time of “more calls” or “more prospecting” doesn’t work. Your sales show it. Sales morale is at an all time low and a typical sales manager’s tenure is less than eighteen months. You need to revolutionize your sales process. Sales Professors will bring you best practices from across industries and continents. And we will guide you every step of the way to ensure that your sales grow significantly.

We hope the following articles help you start understanding our process and learning how to ramp up your revenue.


How to Attract Sales Superstars

And Skyrocket Your Profits! I have this white paper I give to clients (and you, if you ask) about How to Hire Sales Superstars. In it, I list the fifteen…

How to Criticize Effectively

I came across a mind-blowing book I bought for 25 cents. Sometimes, there’s gold in the used book pile at your library! It’s called The Official Criticism Manual by Deborah Bright.…

Five Ways to Increase Sales Next Quarter

When most sales managers think sales improvement, they think Sales Training. While sales training certainly works (if done consistently) it only improves ONE part of sales – closing ratio.  That’s…